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> "For all we have and are,
> For all our Children's Fate,
> Stand up and meet the war
> The Hun is at the gate!"

Thanks, Frank, for the 1914 Kipling verse; it's gruesome in aftersight of
'14 - '18.

And it has a similarly brutal power like some of the Nazi songs, e.g. the
Horst Wessel Lied:

Die Fahnen hoch, die Reihen fest geschlossen,
SA marschiert in ruhig-festem Schritt.
Kam'raden, die von roter Front erschossen
Marschier'n im Geist in uns'ren Reihen mit.


Wir werden weitermarschieren
Bis alles in Schreben fällt,
Denn heute gehört uns Deutschland
Und morgen die ganze Welt.

We'll be marching on
Till everything falls into shards,
For today Germany is ours
And tomorrow the whole world.

Glad it didn't turn out that way...


(Born the day Mussolini was shot)