I did not see the original of this because I have had back trouble that 
makes sitting hard, so I have deleted a lot.  But this is very unfortunate, 
and especially since Gunnar usually is very kind.  I think, however, it is a 
not surprising outcome of the increasing personalizing of debate and 
discussion that I find not only ungenerous but ridiculous since we do not 
even know each other for the most part except as Eliot readers.  I never 
have understood why members of the list make personal attacks and often 
mean ones on people they have never met and know nothing about except 
their texts on Eliot.   I am not condoning what Gunnar wrote, but it is by no 
means the only or the most egregious comment I've seen here. 

It would make this worthwhile if we all stepped back and remembered why 
we got on this list and made a decision to focus on Eliot and poetry and 
not each other.

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Subject:        	Pereira's prick

Thank you very much for your extremely telling scholarly approach and
unique definitions. It tells me a lot about your own sensitivity and tact
in particular.



>From: Gunnar Jauch <[log in to unmask]>

>  It is known in the profession as Pereiras Prick.
>I herewith dedicate that name to you, Josť, you insensitive moron.

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