am 8.1.2002 14:36 Uhr schrieb Marcia Karp unter [log in to unmask]:

> Dear Jose,
> I'm sorry you were the target of Gunnar's obnoxious message.  And
> sorry that since it comes under the auspices of this communal
> enterprise, the rest of us are suspect if we are silent.
> Yours,
> Marcia

Dear Marcia, 

although you may be longer on the list than anyone, your double apology for
my misdeeds was unwarranted.

It simply angered me how Tom's post got brushed off. And you know me well
enough that I never gave a damn about tact or political correctness.

Josť's address happens to fit nicely: Pereira's prick in Shiny pants...


Obnoxious Gunnar