I think your last line is a very fine idea.

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> I'm curious about why this occurs to you since in this case the notes
> say it is a reference to an Antarctic expedition and also to the journey
> to Emmaus, and in section V one actually does get images of the journey
> and of Christ and the whole Weston theme not really apparent much in the
> first four part.  It is one passage where the notes seem to be rather
> literal. What is Viv doing in these specific lines, in your view? 

Your last line made me laugh.  I believe that there has been much
discussion in the past about Eliot's intent in the Notes and by the Notes.
 At any rate, as to your question, what is Viv doing there speaking these
lines on the road to Emmaus or on an Antartic Expedition, what indeed is
Eliot doing there?  Eliot is journeying through modern life, i.e., the
Waste Land, and on this road, his wife is with him, wishing to know who
has come between them.  Of course, this is a but a possibility that
occurred to me.  I shall have to give it more thought.