Rick Seddon wrote:

> I still don't understand the insistance on linking F&P with Dido.

Steve's post of Thursday, 24 Jan 2002 ([log in to unmask]) entitled
'Thoughts on "La Figlia che Piange"'
was the one making the Aeneas/Dido and Paolo/Francesca connection.
Steve mentioned Singleton saying there was an allusion.  I did not
really think it was an allusion but, to show I at least thought about
it, I mentioned that it might deal with fate.  Later I saw the mention
of Dido in the same Canto and I gave another reason that it **MIGHT**
be an allusion.  I still don't see it myself.

This is a great opportunity for me to bow out and hand the baton back
to Steve.  I think we ended up a bit off from his original post and
I'll give him the chance to bring it back to his post and get me off
the hook.

> A confession.  I knew that the name was there.  I just knew it but
> couldn't find it.  I spent 30 minutes reading and rereading the Canto
> trying to find it and my eye just kept skipping over it.

It's easier to let the computer do the searching.  Project Gutenberg
has a number of variants of the Divine Comedy to download.  Italian (7
bit and accented 8 bit) and English translations by Cary, Longfellow
and Norton.  You can get the entire Divine Comedy in one file or get a
seperate file for each of the Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso.  Plus
tons/tonnes of other other works.  Check out

Once you get the files you will see names like
0ddcd09.txt or 1ddcl10.txt

0 = full comedy, 1 = Inferno, 2 = Purgatorio, 3 = Paradiso
d = Dante
dc = Divine Comedy
c = Cary, d = Dante (7 bit), 8 = Dante (accented 8 bit), l = Longfellow,
n = Norton
## = Project Gutenberg edition number

    Rick Parker

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