I implied or wrongly said that the 2nd circle of hell is part of Limbo.  It
is not.  However, souls in the 2nd circle of Hell have not yet gone across
the river Styx to the City of Dis.  Dis, of course, is the traditional
Hades.  This to my thinking accords them a certain distinction from souls
that have.  I have always carelessly thought of everything beyond Dis as
being "True"  Hell.  You are correct.   All souls, including F&P, beyond
Canto 3,  are in Hell.  Limbo is circle one of Hell and circle 2 through 5
are for sins of incontinence.

That said:

Most commentators on "Inferno" do make a major distinction between circles
prior to Dis and circles after Dis.  Many use the terminology Nether Hell or
Under Hell to refer to the circles after Dis.  See Iannucci essay "The
Harrowing of Dante from Upper Hell" in Mandelbaum's collection of
commentaries on the Cantos for a very good description of the differences
between Upper Hell and Lower Hell.  Whether you want to call this
distinction a "status" or not is your preference.

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM, USA