Marcia Karp wrote:

> I presume it mean Bina-nian Nights.
>      "The title of this pamphlet memorializes the fact that John Hayward
>      resided at this period in London at 22 Bina Gardens, and the group of
>      friends met usually at his flat."    [Gallup's Note to Noctes
>      Binanianea, B34]

Now that YOU mention it Marcia, I believe there is a poem in there in
German named Binagarten and one in French with 22 in it.  There is
another in Latin where there are multiple uses of a
bina-something-or-other where there may be a play on words of binary
as in 2-2.  I read the work recently but the foreign language works

just didn't stick in my mind.

    Rick Parker