I've been reading "Painted Shadow" too.  I'm not much further than
Nancy though.  Here are some of my thoughts so far.

I'm quite impressed with the readabilty.

I agree with Nancy that from the preface pages, bibliography and notes
it appears that the scholarship is not a problem.

There are about 70 pages or so of notes so I don't see research being
a fault but someone else will.  That's because there has been a to-do
in the States recently about some historians including other writers'
words as their own (no quotes in the text but still footnoted).  I've
seen some of this in "Painted Shadow".

I've seen a few small errors.  Roxbury is not in North Cambridge, the
Hoftgarten was said to be in Marburg.  In what I think is another
error, it was said that Verdenal and Eliot saw Tristan together.
Nothing too big here and easily correctable.  (Maybe books like this
should be published with a URL to an errata webpage.  What to you book
authors think?)

The treatment of Verdenal himself seens fair.  She wrote "Although the
relationship with Verdenal was unlikely to have been a physical one,
given Eliot's inhibitions ..."  The author says TSE was obsessed with
Verdenal.  Perhaps.  I think it is pretty easy for us listers to
seperate truth from conjecture on things like this.  For the
not-so-savy, well, I don't know.

In one place Seymour-Jones told of Verdenal "running" to Eliot but he
wrote of a "friend coming across" the garden.  However, elsewhere she
has quoted Eliot in full.  There is little reason to think that the
friend was anyone other than Verdenal but "running" is what *she*

So far I've seen no mention of anti-semitism and only some mention of
homosexuality and I would rate that more discreet than not.  I expect
that to change later on based on reviews and Steve's posted excerpts.

I've just gotten to the place where Tom and Viv tie the knot.  The
honeymoon is the next chapter.

     Rick Parker