The message from Rick Parker excerpted parts of a message of mine from quite
a  while ago.

I had already been demonstrating to everyone's amusement that I did not know
how to spell and had finally learned how to use the spell checker but
Resistol was not in the spell checker.  Resisnol is how people around here
pronounce it when they even try.  Most of the time they just say "Keep your
damn hands off my hat." and this only on those rare occasions when it is not
on their head (Barber shop, church, talking to the judge, while proposing,
after death).

I wear Stetsons so have never even seen the word where I could smell it.

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM, USA

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> << I wear a Stetson with my Levis but most cattlepeople round here wear
> Resinol(sp) with their Wranglers. >>
> Resistol, no doubt.
> Guy Brown