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>Dear Listmembers,
>I am leaving for UK and would love to visit places connected with Eliot in 
>London. I would appreciate if anybody could provide me with travel tips. I 
>also plan to visit East Coker. Can anybode suggest how to get there?
>Thanks in advance,
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For East Coker:

if not travelling by car, nearest rail link is Yeovil, about 2 hours
from London Paddington - see online timetable at:

For Little Gidding:

this is a tiny village near Huntingdon and hard to find even by car, but
there is much of interest here, especially if the Little Gidding Trust
still occupy the adjacent buildings. It used to be possible to stay in
one of their guest rooms too. 01832 293383 may still be a current phone
number for the Trust's  Centre here.



David Boyd
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Cumbria, UK