Dear Rick,

In fact, the order was as read.  Apparently "exchange" is also a 
complicated idea.

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> The below comments were written after her above ones:

I'm not commenting on the specifics here but I thought that I would
send a general note of caution on our posts to the listproc.

The order that one receives posts may not be the order that they were sent
out by the list processor.

And, while the list processor might send out posts as soon as it gets
them, one can't count on the listproc getting the posts in the same order
that they were sent, even two posts by the same person.

The listproc removes the original e-mail's header when it resends the
message to the list and so one can't determine the time the real sender

   Rick Parker

P.S. - I wrote:

> sender sent.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck ... :-)