I think that a person faced with alligators and a swamp goes ahead and kills
the individual alligator while draining the swamp that alligators thrive in.
Draining the swamp is bound to get the drainer muddy but should provide
excellent crop land in the future.  Draining the swamp first while trying to
ignore the alligators will hurt alot more and will not keep the drainer from
getting muddy.

What is important is to not lose sight of the swamp while killing
alligators.  One should also use weapons appropriate to alligators.  A .22
cal rifle merely annoys brown bear.

Of course some caring and idealistic but careless thinker  is sure to
protest that the swamp is a protected "wet land" and that alligators are an
endangered species.  Such protests will probably result in swamp draining
being stopped and swamps and alligators  being forever part of our human
existence.  I would therefore recommend keeping children away from swamps
and tall buildings

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Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM, USA