Rick Parker wrote:

> I have a postcard at home of Eliot that I thik was also done by
> E.O. Hoppe (Emil Otto Hoppe, 1878-1972) at the same time as the
> picture you liked.  This photo can be seen at
> but there the picture appears in an oval frame.  I'll try to remember
> to look up the publisher of the post card when I get home.
> In any event, I have an mail address  for you taken from the page at
> (which has a Hoppe self-portrait)
> For information regarding Hoppe photographs contact:
>     The E. O. Hoppe Trust, C/o Curatorial Assistance, Inc.,
>     113 East Union Street, Pasadena, Ca. 91103-3927
>     Tel.(626) 577-9696 - Fax (818) 449-9603

The postcard is a portrait of Eliot taken by E.O. Hoppe in 1919.  The
postcard is 4.25 X 6 inches (11 X 15.3 cm) and fits well in 4 X 6
frame (a small white border hardly shows.)  On the back is:

The Mansell Collection
(c) Fotofolio, P.O. Box 661 Canal Sta., NY, NY 10013

Fotofolio's website is lacks much but is at

I've usually found Fotofolio's postcards in bookstores but art supply
shops might also carry them.

   Rick Parker