From:  Tom Gray@MITEL on 09/19/2001 08:51 AM

 The Real Audio link to the national Radio One service (i.e. the local Toronto
service) does not seem to work. The Windows player link works. Ottawa is also on
Eastern time and so a 3pm Eastern time presentation may be found on the Radio
One Ottawa service.

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Subject:  Music Inspired by T. S. Eliot

From:  Tom Gray@MITEL on 09/19/2001 07:43 AM

This morning I heard an announcement on the Canadian public broadcaster (CBC)
that this afternoon at 3 PM in the time zones across Canada, the regularly
scheduled program will contain pieces on music inspired by T.S. Eliot. I don't
know what this is exactly but the  program at that time is normally very light
with music and observations by a humorist host.. The above link points to a page
of links to this servie. The program will be on Radio One. The link to the
national Radio One service will probably be on Toronto time (Eastern time same
as New York). The St. John's Newfoundland (not St. John that is New Brunswick)
station will be 1.5 hours ahead of that, the Vancouver station 3 hours behind
and the remainder somewhere in between.