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> I came to the office today for the first time since September 10.  I passed
> the wreckage in a surgical mask, and beneath a literal cloud whose
> metaphorical twin covers the entire world.
> Two lines kept kicking around my head: "Dust in the air suspended/Marks the
> place where a story ended" and "to make an end is to make a beginning."
> Many stories ended last Tuesday, and an enormous one began.  Where it will end
> is the question of the day, if not the century.
> Pardon the dramatics that may have infected my post.  It's hard to avoid.
> Tom K


my thoughts have been around tuesday's horror ever since I watched them for
the first time. It's difficult to concentrate, the work I'm supposed to do
seems so trivial. The vision of people jumping out of the windows keeps
haunting me.

Doubtlessly, September 11th, 2001 will be a pivotal point in history. Let us
all hope, for the better -- who said "great good can come from great evil"?

On that day, I saw a man walking through downtown Zurich, carrying an
American flag with a black ribbon and a poster saying: "We are all
Americans". Felt like joinig him.


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