I found The Waste Land bits posted earlier apt, and can think of 4Q passages
as well, but perhaps I was just too close to the "bang" to see where The
Hollow Men fit in.  There was lots of "whimpering", no doubt, but because
of, not in place of, the "bangs."

Further off point, as a military jet roars overhead louder than I'd ever
heard before this week, and I see the lingering plume of the Twin Towers
from my bedroom window (some two miles off, but visible), I am reminded how
strange the world is, and how uncertain even those things "believed in as
the most reliable."

Tom K

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> At this time of world crisis does anyone else on this list hear in their
> minds the ending stanza of this poem?
> I'm sure you all know it; and perhaps in or out of school have examined
> meaning.
> (Equally, I suppose there are the parts of FQ.)
> I keep hearing these 4 lines reverberating and wondered if we honor Eliot
> craftsman often enough?
> Eugene Schlanger