"S. Superqueen" wrote:

> I'm not
> familiar with Nostrodamus' work or his style so I obviously don't know first
> hand, but Mr. Hoag stated that this was sheer fiction. What sort of depraved
> idiot would feel obliged to exploit this sense of vulnerability, is
> absolutely beyond me. This event has left me feeling disgusted and incensed,
> so if I could reduce the fear and panic this fool's trying to perpetuate...
> well, I'd like to reduce it. My apologies and condolences...

"Corey M. Taylor" <[log in to unmask]> had written

> i recently subscribed to this list because i love t.s.e. and i am taking
> graduate seminar on "the waste land" and its main sources. ...  i don't know
> how much stock everyone takes in prophecies and religion, but i came across
> something tonight that literally made me shake with fear, as corny as that
> sounds. nostrodamus made a prophecy hundreds of years ago that "two
> brothers" would be "torn apart by chaos, the great fortress will stand, but
> the great leader will succumb." this is, of course, his prediction about the
> attacks on the WTC and Pentagon. here is a recent (as of about 11 pm on
> wednesday night) headline from : "Sources: 2 brothers among
> hijackers." i don't mean to frighten anyone or start anything, but this is
> odd
> to say the least. whatever religion you all belong to, just pray that things
> get better before its too late. god bless.

Dear Brooke,
    I'm not sure who the is the particular depraved idiot you are referring to.
If Nostradamus, he wrote his so-called prophecies in 1555.  If Corey, let's hope
his or her attendance in graduate school helps in evaluating the words of others
and in considering his or her own more carefully.