I'm not sure if this will allay Any of your concern, but Art Bell (of the 
AM Radio show) had a guest tonight, a John Hoag (spelling?) whom he 
introduced as a Nostrodamus expert of sorts. His view is that the 'prophecy' 
is a pure fabrication pieced together from actual Nostrodamus prophecies. I 
didn't catch the specifics, but for example, I believe he said the 'two 
brothers' bit was taken from a reference to Castor & Pollux. I'm not 
familiar with Nostrodamus' work or his style so I obviously don't know first 
hand, but Mr. Hoag stated that this was sheer fiction. What sort of depraved 
idiot would feel obliged to exploit this sense of vulnerability, is 
absolutely beyond me. This event has left me feeling disgusted and incensed, 
so if I could reduce the fear and panic this fool's trying to perpetuate... 
well, I'd like to reduce it. My apologies and condolences...


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i recently subscribed to this list because i love t.s.e. and i am taking
graduate seminar on "the waste land" and its main sources. this is my first
post, and i am sad, angry, and sickened to make it on this topic. like
everyone else, i am outraged and want revenge, but above all i am scared
about both what has happened and what else is going to happen, both in
terms of our actions and the actions of others. i don't know how much
stock everyone takes in prophecies and religion, but i came across
something tonight that literally made me shake with fear, as corny as that
sounds. nostrodamus made a prophecy hundreds of years ago that "two
brothers" would be "torn apart by chaos, the great fortress will stand, but
the great leader will succumb." this is, of course, his prediction about the
attacks on the WTC and Pentagon. here is a recent (as of about 11 pm on
wednesday night) headline from : "Sources: 2 brothers among
hijackers." i don't mean to frighten anyone or start anything, but this is 
to say the least. whatever religion you all belong to, just pray that things
get better before its too late. god bless.


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