am 12.09.2001 10:36 Uhr schrieb Arwin van Arum unter [log in to unmask]:

> And of course I thought about how I'd never seen the Twin Towers and now
> never will. But first and foremost about how many people worked there, which
> is just too many to bear thinking about, and the horrific realisation that
> if 'only' a few thousand people die, we should have been so lucky that it
> wasn't tens of thousands of people. That just illustrates the scope of this
> disaster.

Dear Arwin,

since you mentioned the buildings--

Although this may be inappropriate to mention it at the moment because of
the horrible loss of so many human lives: From the purely architectural
viewpoint, the Twin Towers have always struck me as a dubious achievement.

Architect Yamasaki designed the two somewhat awkward and simplistic volumes
with  square shaped floor plans and clad them in a strange, neo-gothic
aluminum facade.

Some of its interiors seemed to me rather vulgar and banal, compared to such
masterpieces as the Empire State, the Seagram's or the Ford Foundation

Now, of course, all these considerations are vain.