Dear Gunnar,
Oddly, the memory that keeps coming back for me is not JFK--surely the 
most vivid and terrible one of my life before today--but the phone call at 5:30 
AM from whom I can't remember but only the words, "they've shot Bobby."  
Because I think then it seemed bigger than one person.  We felt here in the 
60s that they were killing them all, all the ones we thought would change 
the world.  It seems naive now but not then.  But this now seems utterly 
different and worse because it is an act of war against the nation and no 
one knows what is next.

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am 11.09.2001 20:32 Uhr schrieb Nancy Gish - Women's Studies unter
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> Dear Gunnar,
> For those not in the US, we have been told phones will almost
> never get through anywhere in the northeast.  We can all only
> hope Tom is safe and his phone cannot work.  But you will be
> very unlikely to reach anyone by phone, and cell phones are not
> working in NY.  Streets are gridlocked, and bridges are closed.
> Reporters have to go in by bicycle apparently.
> It is difficult to find any speech.  I have been traumatized since I
> woke to the news flash on my radio.
> Thanks to you and Raphael.  It is strangely comforting just to
> have it on the screen.
> Nancy
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> wrote:
> am 11.09.2001 19:31 Uhr schrieb INGELBIEN RAPHAEL unter> [log in to unmask]:

> I just want to express sympathy to the various New Yorkers,> and indeed all Americans on our list on this terrible day.
> RaphaŽl Ingelbien 
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> > 
> So do I.
> Cannot get through to Tom over the phone.

> When I watched the collapsing tower I remembered the day I had> dinner in its Sky Lobby.
> What a horror!
> Gunnar

Tom, let's here from you--
hope you're ok!

(Guess I'm getting paranoied.)



Thanks for your kind words, dear Nancy. Just to let you know that the
general feelings of people over here are of a tremedous surge of
SOLIDARITY towards America, to the defence of civilisation, to the concept
of democracy.

I have been watching the atrocious events live, on a tiny toy computer
screen a guy in our office has on his desk (he had his PC connected to the
development of the stock market, and, to my disgust, its collapse seemed
to be his major concern).

The scenes seemed to be strangely unreal, like clippings out of some
horror flick. 

I vividly remember the day JFK was shot on Dallas' Grassy Knoll. This will
be another sad and historic day to remember.

"Ash on an old man's sleeve
Is all the ash the burnt roses leave."

May the villains responsible be brought to court and be locked up forever.
Ultimately, I am convinced, something good for mankind will emerge from
the ashes: From now on, there will be no more room for terrorism on earth.

And the president of the leading world nation will hopefully never again
take a four weeks vacation while Isrealis and Palestinians are butchering
each other.  And from now on, involvement into foreign affairs will be
mandatory for the U.S.

Forgive my rambling -- just like Steve, I'm feeling shell shocked.