Dear Gunnar,

For those not in the US, we have been told phones will almost 
never get through anywhere in the northeast.  We can all only 
hope Tom is safe and his phone cannot work.  But you will be 
very unlikely to reach anyone by phone, and cell phones are not 
working in NY.  Streets are gridlocked, and bridges are closed.  
Reporters have to go in by bicycle apparently.

It is difficult to find any speech.  I have been traumatized since I 
woke to the news flash on my radio. 

Thanks to you and Raphael.  It is strangely comforting just to 
have it on the screen.


On 11 Sep 2001, at 20:04, Gunnar Jauch <[log in to unmask]> 

am 11.09.2001 19:31 Uhr schrieb INGELBIEN RAPHAEL unter 
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     I just want to express sympathy to the various New Yorkers, 
     and indeed all Americans on our list on this terrible day.
     RaphaŽl Ingelbien 
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So do I.

Cannot get through to Tom over the phone.

When I watched the collapsing tower I remembered the day I had 
dinner in its Sky Lobby.

What a horror!