--- Rickard Parker <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Tom Gray wrote recently about Conrad Black.  I ran
> across more on him today
> at
> Conrad Black
> The newspaper mogul thinks like an American and
> writes like a Brit. No
> wonder he's leaving Canada.

I originally brought up Conrad Black in contribution
to a discussion on the issues of people choosing
wrestling magazines over Hamlet. The article above
hints about what is really going on with l'affaire
Black in Canada but does not seem to grasp its

Black's departure is evidence that this preference for
the easy and familiar over the challenging and
fulfilling is not limited to WWF supporters. Black's
departure from Canada is being celebrated (that is not
too strong a word) by the members of the traditional
chattering classes in Canada. 

Black is being criticized  because he writes articles
will long words in them and even hires columnists who
can knowledgeably quote Aristototle and Kant. This is
not rhetoric. Check the website of the Toronto Star
( is the outlet of these
groups to see their almost constant comment on Black's

Black's attitudes of course upset the comfortable
cliques which dominate the Canadian political and
academic establishments. They hold comfortable
sinecures with good incomes and very little
accountability. Someone like Black who believes in
ideas and accomplishment was naturally seen as a
threat by them

The wrestling magazine syndrome is not limited, at
least in Canada, to the barely literate. It is
pervasive among the university and political circles
that run the country.

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