Tom K. wrote:

> I still don't see how Julius reconciles the fact that Wagner thinks Jews
> Western societies cannot write as anything but Jews, while Eliot thinks it
> "miraculous" when they do precisely that.
> Passing for the moment on their respective merits, the difference between
> these position seems so obvious to me, I am baffled by Julius' suggestion
> that they are in the same ballpark.

I can't figure it out either.  I think, that as a writer of a book about his
own thoughts, it was up to Julius to supply them.

It is hardly worth the effort to determine what an anonymous writer might be
thinking here.  To attempt to conclude what a named author is thinking from
this in a way that he can be held to it is a total waste of time.  Maybe
Julius makes more sense elsewhere (but I'm not going to bother searching for
that section any time soon.)

   Rick Parker