am 09.08.2001 15:54 Uhr schrieb Richard Seddon unter [log in to unmask]:

> If only the actual applications of
> Marxism were as benign as the academic study of it and if only we were able
> to profit from the lessons of history.

Dear Rick,

if that would ever be acheived... we'd be in  Paradise!

"...What might have been is an abstraction, / Remainig a perpetual
possibility / Only in a world of speculation".

There are indeed certain deeply humane --and humantarian-- aspects in
Marxism, comparable to early Christianism. Alas, human greed is adverse to
the practice of them. In case you want to know why, you'll get a grahic
description in good old Brecht's "Der gute Mensch von Sezuan"!

Actually, I don't share Brecht's dark cynicism. I'm convinced that very
individual has the possibility (and the capacity) to make this miserable
place a little bit better, no matter how tiny his field of action may be.
Following this maxime the best way you can is, perhaps, having lived well.

Hoping you and your sheep are having a good time,


I dont' think it's legitimate to compare the levels of atrocities in given
regimes. These acts remain horrid, no matter how high the casualties.