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>===== Original Message From Gunnar Jauch <[log in to unmask]> =====
>am 29.06.2001 19:16 Uhr schrieb stamg01 unter [log in to unmask]
>Oh, one more thing, dear stamg01 (would it be asking for too much to get to
>know your NAME, those awful acronyms tend to make this strange medium even
>more anonymous):
>By all means, make it  "The Waste Land".

>(Recently, there has been some brouaha onlist on the topic, ivolving a
>certain Kate...)

Dear Gunnar,

I'm sorry to come across as such an impersonal member of the tse list.  The 
acronym is simply more convienent due to the fact I am working through the 
Moravian College computer system and that is my Moravian College computer 
system ID.  My name is Andy.  I am majoring in political science and english.  
More importantly, I love literature... I love writing (and I do not computer-- 
yes I am one of those people who refuses to surrender to the age of rapid 
technological domination.  I would much rather, and of course you would all 
agree, to have each of the members on this list in the comfort of a coffee 
house burning the midnight oil together.  I'm sure T.S. would agree.

Nevertheless,  I look foward to communicating with all of you as we appreciate 
this great man despite the inconvienence of a computer screen.