> > But keeping the line in French allows for the pun "voix" to make that
> > allusion more ambiguous, if not humourous. Ambiguity certainly seems
> > to be the lifeblood of "The Waste Land."

> The problem you are having is that you are not getting an answer to
> the French translation.  As far as I can tell a childish parson would
> be something like "voix enfantin" (and I'm taking your word on the the
> voix/parson translation.)  Since I don't think "d'enfants" can be
> transposed to "childish" I think a French speaker would only see a pun
> of "ces voix d'enfants" being a play on "the children's parson."

This native speaker of French has just resubscribed to the list and is
puzzled to read that the line misquoted from Verlaine in The Waste Land
contains a pun involving a parson. Sorry to join this thread so late, but
could anyone tell me what that pun is?

Cluelessly yours,

RaphaŽl Ingelbien
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