Steve queried about why Eliot would not have translated the foreign
phrases in TWL.  I should have mentioned earlier that Eliot may have
wanted to keep the foreign phrases in the poem untranslated because of
his use of his allusion to Kyd's play "The Spanish Tragedy."  In Kyd's
play Hieronimo writes and directs a play where he reveals how his son
was murdered.  In Hieronimo's play the actors speak in various

I think Eliot uses the allusion to Kyd's play (and Hieronimo's play)
to indicate that he (TSE) also is writing about his own emotional life
in TWL.

A synopsis of The Spanish Tragedy appears at
I do not vouch for the quality of the synopsis.

   Rick Parker

P.S. Thanks, J.P. for pointing out "das Kind" in that section near the
hyacinth (Hyacinthus) girl.