Dear Rick,

They are the same book; the first title is on the American edition, 
and the second title is on the British edition.  I prefer the second, 
but the publishers made the choice--as they often do.

Thanks for the mention:  also a dull title chosen by Macmillan, not 

On 19 Jul 2001, at 8:00, Rickard Parker <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Nancy, I've noticed your name on two books on TWL,
>     The Waste Land: A Student's Companion to the Poem
>     The Waste Land: A Poem of Memory and Desire
> Are these different books or the same with different titles?
> Or is one just a revised edition of the other?
> If the same book would you like to tell us which title was first
> and why it was changed?
> As long as I'm on the subject of your TSE books I'm going to
> mention, because you might not, that you also wrote
> "Time in the Poetry of T.S. Eliot" .
> Regards,
>    Rick Parker