Nancy Gish wrote:

> I say all this because I think the effect of your argument could be to
> claim that a unified structure is something Eliot was in fact trying
> for and Pound helped him create.

Thanks for writing Nancy, its been quiet on list lately and its nice
to see a few more posters.

But I want to correct you on a point, the argument posted is not
**my** argument.  I just posted an interesting quote from a web page.
I suppose I picked that one because it showed that Pound did not
rewrite TWL, he edited it.  Pound did suggest many deletions and few,
if any, rewrites so it compacted the whole thing.  As I remember,
David Chinitz, on that web page I steered Andy to, had some comments
to make on what some rewritten sections might have done.

Although I still do make some points of my own I haven't felt much
like arguing them.  Summer is the cruellest season.  It is full of
promise but it saps me of sleep and energy, so lately I've been trying
to keep my posts short and simple and avoiding expounding.

BTW, I tend to agree with your views on the composition of TWL
expressed on-list and in your book.

   Rick Parker