Dear Jennifer,

It means that the way words make individuals "feel" is not all they mean 
and may not even have anything to do with what they "mean" in a specific 
context.  Eliot's words (all words) have meanings determined by centuries 
of convention and encoded in dictionaries; they are not simply touchstones 
for individual feelings.  That words carry differing implications and 
connotations within varying ranges is also true, of course.  I was merely 
noting that the words he chose are both WORDS apart from our responses 
and HIS words, not exclusively our responses.  

Or, in other words, a poem can mean many things but not simply anything--
whether we feel it or not.


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A question: You write:  `Of course this is only relevant if we think
Eliot's words and choices of allusion have anything to do with his words
and allusions. ' 

What does that mean? 

Yours, Jennifer