On Mon, 16 Jul 2001, Richard Seddon wrotein part:

>     "When we read 'April is the cruelest month,'  we immediately move away
> from the text in an attempt to figure out what it means.  In this process of
> interpretation we automatically push the text aside.  But we discover
> multiple and inconclusive results which are insufficient or aesthetically
> less desirable than the initial textual fact. This leads us to abandon our
> interpretations and refocus on 'April is the cruelest month.'  We have moved
> outside, found and weighed various meanings, considered them, and returned
> to the text.  But it is a return with a difference, a difference made by the
> process of trying to interpret.  We call this journey which begins and ends
> with the text a "hermeneutical loop," a journey which finally takes us
> beyond hermeneutics leaving us in a posthermeneutical state".  (page 12,
> "Reading the Waste Land";   Jewel Spears Brooker and Joseph Bentley).


Dear Rick,
  I'll respond to one small bit of your post.  I don't read the way you've
described.  After I read "April ..." I then read the next line and the
next.  When I encounter "Mixing memory ..." I trust there is a connection
to the first line.