A couple more young people in TWL were Elizabeth and Leicester.
If you count 27 or 28 young.

Elizabeth was 25 when she became Queen in 1558.  She was born in 1533,
the same year or the year after Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester. says:

    Elizabeth was courted by English suitors as well, most
    assiduously by her principal favourite, Robert Dudley, Earl of
    Leicester. As master of the horse and a member of the Privy
    Council, Leicester was constantly in attendance on the queen, who
    displayed toward him all the signs of an ardent romantic
    attachment. When in September 1560 Leicester's wife, Amy Robsart,
    died in a suspicious fall, the favourite seemed poised to marry
    his royal mistress-so at least widespread rumours had it-but,
    though the queen's behaviour toward him continued to generate
    scandalous gossip, the decisive step was never taken.

So in 1560 they would have been 27 (Dudley, possibly 28).  In Froude's
work the DeQuadra passage comes within the first few years of
Elizabeth's reign.

   Rick Parker