Rick Seddon wrote:

> I like Jill's better.  It provides the basis for a  new reading with many
> interesting undertones.  Your reading is surprisingly traditional for you.

That's fine.  It was just something that I thought of driving home
from work last night.  If he were 21 and TSE was thinking of 21 in
1921 then it just seemed more likely that he was working during the
war than fighting it.  I'm not sure of the WWI UK draft age but I
suspect that it was 18.  He could have volunteered earlier but might
not have been the type.  Maybe his brother got killed at Paschendael
and he liked the idea of a job at 16 instead of a grave.

I raised my idea up the flagpole to see if anyone would salute.  You
cut the lines instead.  I was more interested in a discussion anyway.
Thanks for coming through with some good stuff.

> Where do you come up with 21?  Why not 24?

Nancy came up with the figures 0f 21 for the clerk and 40ish for
Prufrock.  I couldn't peg the dates exactly but they seemed familiar.
I think Nancy got 21 for the young man from the drafts of TWL.
Prufrock's age may have come out of a TSE letter or something.  I've
read whatever it was and think that Nancy was right.

   Rick Parker