Any man might do a girl in
Any man has to, need to want to
Once in a lifetime, do a girl in
                     Sweeney Agonistes

Nope, this isn't a post on Sweeney.  It's The Waste Land again.

I think it was Jennifer that was interested in TSE and Crippen and crime
and here is some TWL killings for her.  I finally connected some
things together and I thought that I would pass it on.  Neither item is
new but the combination might be new to someone other than me. 

Marie's cousin, the crown prince Rudolph, likely did in his girl at

Robert Dudley was suspected of killing his wife by pushing her down some
stairs so he would be free to marry Elizabeth. 

But then on the other hand Diana did in Actaeon.

Anybody read any interesting essays on this?

   Rick Parker