What does carbuncular mean, Kate? What part of "young man" do you not
comprehend? Are you suggesting that the young man carbuncular is a)
figuratively young but not idealistic b) emotionally young but physically old
c) suffering from an outbreak of acne late in life d) neither young nor old
but posited as young by Eliot in order to purposely mislead us. 

Try this: 

1. Go fight in the trenches 
2. Watch your entire unit get wiped out at Paschendael
3. Come home wondering what you fought for
4. Get a dead end nothing job (you know what that is, right?)
5. See how idealistic you feel at age twenty-four or so

Jill Weber

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> <<
>  There are exceptions, the typist and clerk, the Thames daughters,
>  possibly Phlebas. >>
> I don't feel that the clerk and the typist are that young, certainly not in
> their 20's anyway, and most certainly not in their hearts.