Rick Seddon wrote:

> April is also a month of abrupt change.  Out of the quiet routine dormancy
> of winter comes life with all the hope and dispair that especially
> accompanies all human life.

Damn, Rick, you're good with words! Nice phrasing. In my post I just
gave one non-personal meaning for Andy to consider.  Partly because
lately I haven't been in the mood for writing much. In my post I just
wanted to plant a few bodies.  Now let's see if they sprout or rot.

The flowers start blooming in March here in New England and I think
they start to even earlier in Old England than they do here (and maybe
they are even earlier in Missouri.)  Actually, I usually get to see
snowdrops in my yard the last week of February.

> Significantly it was not the month that Verdenal was killed in

True.  I doubt that Eliot ever learned the date of death.  He probably
heard that Verdenal died early in the campaign.  The day of
rememberance for the Kiwi's and Aussie's, ANZAC day, is in April.
Most Americans who died in battle did not do so at the end of May but
yet Memorial day is an additional day for people to remember those war

Steve not long ago sent in a "Stetson in the Waste Land" post covering
a lot of this.

> and TSE was still working to keep his marriage viable.

True again.  But that is sort of saying that the marriage was troubled
isn't it?  Wasn't it Vivienne that that wrote "photographic" next to
the first section of Part II?

I don't know how much credence should be given to Eliot's thinking of
his meeting Viv in April as a basis for considering April cruel but I
think it deserves consideration.  You've done this but I'm not sure if
Andy has.

   Rick Parker

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anyone else having problems?