Hello everyone,

After concentrating my reading on Eliot the last several weeks with less then 
an adequate amount of prior knowledge on the man to be sure, the general theme 
of his work has become apparent.

Was the fear and the questioning of morality his only basic theme. Granted, 
the man is able to darken any clear sky with his power of thought manipulation 
(sorry, slightly dramatic)-- but after diving into "Sweeney Agonistes", 
"Sweeney Among the Nightingales", "The Hollow Man", "The Wasteland" (of 
course), "Ash Wednesday", and many of his other dramas and poems (with the 
exception of his motivational experiments in the luanguage of love).  OK, 
Prufrock and Portrait dealt with paranio and the skepticism of love, but 
surely cannot be considered comedy relief.

Surely I man of such abstract thought, a man with such an emmotional spectrum, 
must have had more to say then what the bulk of his work shows us.  All 
right... I don't see his heart dancing with the daffodils, but what brought 
this man joy, and where, if anywhere, does this joy show up in his large 
volumes of work?

                                             Your humble apprentice,