First, thanks to Jennifer for the information on the TWL publication
history. And additional thanks go to David for his Magnus Matyr pictures. 

Kate Troy wrote:

> Speaking of Eliot's Estate, does anyone know if he left everything to
> Val or did he leave anything to his brothers-sisters-nieces/nephews.
> And, since he had several siblings, there must be nieces and nephews
> alive today.  Yet, he spent the last half of his life in England, so
> they wouldn't have known him well, probably.

Because TSE's siblings were so much older than he was, his nieces and
nephews are probably older than you expect.  Still, some may be alive
now.  Some information on Eliot's nieces and nephews can be found at
this site:
    Eliot Family Genealogy

Also, here is some concise information on Eliot's brothers and sisters.
Note that they were about 8 to 18 years older than he was.

    T.S. Eliot's paternal grandfather was William Greenleaf Eliot. His
    parents were Henry Ware Eliot (1843-1919) and Charlotte Stearns Eliot
    (née Charlotte Champe Stearns, 1843-1929). T.S. Eliot was the youngest
    of seven children, one of whom (Theodore or Theodora, born 1886) died
    in infancy.  The other siblings were : Ada (1869-1943), Margaret
    (1871-1956), Charlotte (1874-1926), Marian (1877-1964) and Henry

   Rick Parker