am 29.06.2001 19:16 Uhr schrieb stamg01 unter [log in to unmask]:

> I have recently been studying Eliot at length and am concentrating on the
> Wasteland in particular.  A question:  What was the extent of Pound's
> influence on this work, in a technical sense, and not one of inspiration.
> Could any of the work have come directly from Pound, or did he serve the role
> of acting editor, simply trimming and shaping the drafts?
> Also, I was wondering if anyone could give me a translation of the dedication
> to Pound in the beginning of the poem.

Oh, one more thing, dear stamg01 (would it be asking for too much to get to
know your NAME, those awful acronyms tend to make this strange medium even
more anonymous):

By all means, make it  "The Waste Land".

(Recently, there has been some brouaha onlist on the topic, ivolving a
certain Kate...)