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> Speaking, as we were, about the OED, here is a new entry (June 2001,
> draft entry) for the Duke of URL and all.
> webliography, n.
> A list of electronic works or documents, esp. those relating to a
> particular topic or referred to in a scholarly work.
> The term is applied both to listings in print and online (esp. web sites
> with hypertext links to the cited sources).
> 1995 Amer. Libraries (Nexis) June 568 The splash screen of the
> Webliography, which is maintained by a team of librarians at LSU, opens
> to a solid balance of Internet, commercial, and local resources.
> 1998 Scout Rep. (Nexis) 13 Mar., The content is supported by
> illustrations, photos, charts, and a webliography for each chapter.
> 2000 CIT Infobits (Electronic text) Feb., The authors' guidelines are
> developed from ‘definitions of science literacy and science information
> literacy and illustrated by a sample webliography..on the topic of
> acoustical oceanography’.
> Marcia

Dear Marcia,

Hasn't the term recently appeared in  AWAD, "A Word A Day",,
a page for which I think I had mailed you a gift subscription?