J.P. Earls wrote:

> Rickard's assurance that there is no copyright infringement involved,

A caveat - "Circe's Palace" was **published** in the U.S. prior to
1923 and so it is in the public domain.  Other things written by TSE
prior to 1923, but only recently published in such works as the
facsimile of TWL, "The March Hare" and "Poems Written in Early Youth,"
**are** under copyright protection.  Also, some things that he wrote
in England prior to 1923 are in the public domain in the **U.S.** but
are still protected in the U.K. and elsewhere.  That is why Mike Green
heard from Faber and Faber about his TWL web site and I haven't.

Thanks for passing on "Circe's Palace" J.P.

   Rick Parker