> Now hold on there.
> Not wanting to distract from the thesis that all good things proceed from
> French and the French, a fact not debatable to the French but some
> (admirably non-French) might claim otherwise.

I wouldn't have bothered asking you why you brought it up if, in fact, that
had been my thesis. (now there's a sentence to think about - it makes even
me dizzy but that could be my flue as well).

However, I just said that modernism originated in French poetry.

> One might debate that the French Impressionists were Moderns at all.  That
> they were influential upon the Moderns is true but so were the
> Georgians and
> the Symbolists and the Romantics and the neoclassicists and the ... .

One might, but that would perhaps betray not having read them? Either that,
or we disagree on which work by Eliot is actually modernist. Now there's an
interesting discussion. I've read, among others, both Eliot's Spleen and
three other versions, all in French, and, more importantly, by French poets.
That the influence of the French poets on Eliot's modernist poetic diction
and even subject matter was very important was discussed by Eliot himself on
several occasions; haven't you read some of these in fragments cited at the
end of The March Hare? And yes, you can find traces of every kind of
movement everywhere in history, but one trace doesn't make the movement. It
is, instead, the movement which allows all those traces to be picked up and
be given a name. Picking up traces was something, incidentally, typically
modernist, it seems to me anyway.


> I can recommend a book ;  "Properitius: Modernist Poet of Antiquity" by
> D.Thomas Benediktson.  Whatever he was,  Propertius was not
> French.  I guess
> he might have been inspired by some Gaelic slave and that this is how the
> French managed to exert their lingusistic  genius upon the development of
> Modernism
> Rick Seddon
> McIntosh, NM, USA
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