TSE based his decision to visit the good Dr. based upon Huxley's
recommendation and TSE having read Dr. Vittoz's book.  TSE's copy evidently
had  margin notes. Vittoz's book is entitled "The Treatment of Neurasthenia
By Means of Brain Control".  Is this what happened to your head?  TSE,
therefore, had read Vittoz's book sometime prior to going to Paris for
Pound's caesarian operation.  TWL was still in its prenatal form.  Remember
also that considerable manipulation was given the poem after it was born but
before publishing.  This final manipulation would have been done
post-Vittoz.   Vittoz was therefore in TSE's mind during the most formative
phases of the poem

I also have a yard of books to get through this summer.  I've got sheep to
take care of the yard of grass.  As soon as I've read and thought about it
I'll give you a review.

Hope your head feels better soon.  There was a flash to the East this
morning.  It was the sun.  Impressive brain control and just as the Nautical
Almanac predicted.   You should beware Phaethon's fate Perhaps an  URL on
sunspots might be in order.

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM, USA
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Date: Thursday, May 31, 2001 11:59 AM
Subject: Re: Dr Vittoz's book

>Rick Seddon wrote:
>> Article on Dr Vittoz's book as a source for TWL in Journal of Modern
>> Literature, Surrmer 2000. Volume 23. #3/4
>Thanks.  Have you read it?  Care to review it if you have?
>I rather expect that it isn't that useful.  I've read just a tiny bit
>on Vittoz's methods and that part could be interesting.  The
>sanitarium stay came along pretty late in the composition of TWL for
>me to think that it had much effect on the poem itself.  The vacation
>from usual routines was probably most useful for Eliot.  Or did TSE
>read the book much earlier?
>> A flash and bang two time zones east might do a world of good.
>Maybe you noticed one.  I've picked up more than a foot o' books
>recently and I can't figure out when to read them or even what order.
>Then you get Dr. Vittoz to work on my head.  My brain just exploded.
>   Rick Parker