Oh my gosh do you suppose????? And I was the Officer of the Deck!!!!  Shades
of "Tragedy at Honda" by Lockwood and Adamson--Also known as the story of
seven destroyers which followed each other aground, Sunday September 9,
1923, in the fog just North of Los Angeles.  Naw we were too far South.

We had good solid radar landfall on Santa Catalina Island and were using
that for nav.

As usual we had hurried up on a return trip from 7 months in Vietnam so that
we could spend another day at sea off the coast of Long Beach cleaning ship
so we would look good coming into port. ARGHHH.  We (four destroyers) were
just milling around trying not to bump into each other waiting for sunrise
and homecoming.  Just one of the things that made that mirage memorable.  It
was so close and yet so far.  And we were so excited.  I had a 2 month old
daughter to meet.  The entire crew was awake and all saw it.

BTW  Just as the blue color of the sea is a reflection (mirage) of the sky
the shining puddles ahead on hot pavement are a relection (mirage) of the

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM, USA

Rick Parker wrote
>Was this the opinion of the navigation team too?  I evisioned a bit of
>panic. ;-)
>   Rick Parker