Rick Parker wrote:

> > Quoting from the archives is one matter.  Posting full copies of old
> > no longer in play gets into an area of copyright I don't want to get

Pat Sloane wrote:

> What you need is permission from Tim and Greg. But there's not much point
> my asking them if you aren't interested in sharing the material anyway.

And/or the original posters.

And there is no point in ANYONE sharing the posts as there has been no
interest in this topic expressed by
anyone else in TSE.  I've done lots of work putting material on the web for
this group before and seeing only a dozen hits on the page and no discussion
on the topic on-list (except for Jim, who wrote most of the good stuff I swa
anyway.)  Quoting the material for a post is, for me, as much effort. I'm
not in the mood to do either one.

   Rick Parker