I'm changing the subject of this post so you can more easily tell that
it is one of the "mirage in TWL" posts that can be deleted right away. 

I'll let my posts attest to my character, faults and all.  I'll let
Pat's posts attest to her character.  I don't think that anyone should
pay attention to the many posts where Pat puts down anyone else's
character nor tries to define someone else's views.

> Marcia, this is the order in which I received Rick's posts. 

I'll take your word on it but posts I have sent have been received by me
and by others in different order before.  E-mail gets thrown out to the
net and the net decides how to deliver them.  You can check e-mail
routing information in the headers to the e-mail that you get.
Microsoft's mailer does not show all headers even when you choose "show
all headers." Using the mailx program on Unix I collected the mail
headers.  Of the three pieces of e-mail you mention the list sent them
out in this order:

(1) 1:40 - TSE list sends Rick's Bible passage 
(2) 2:37 - TSE list sends Rick's "Sorry Pat"
(3) 5:14 - TSE list sends Pat's "Heads up"

> (1) Rick sends Bible passage 

>From [log in to unmask]  Fri Jun  1 13:40:42 2001
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> (2) I reply (commenting on Bible pasage) 
>> Heads up! It doesn't say that they didn't see him.

    From [log in to unmask]  Fri Jun  1 17:14:31 2001
    X-UIDL: 44247db879e0f951c8c8ea21a8fd720b
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> (3) Rick replies 
>> Sorry Pat, I see your point now.  A body was seen but not one 

    From [log in to unmask]  Fri Jun  1 14:37:15 2001
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