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>Subject: Re: The Use of the TSE List
>What you think is irrelevant to me.  And, I'll continue to make use of the 
>TSE List as I see fit. You don't control the List or me.  I'll be the judge 
>of what is appropriate as to my own postings.

What you think is irrelevant. TSE is irrelevant. OT posts are irrelevant. 
Making a bloody fool out of yourself is irrelevant. Sexbot Kate and her 
thousand and one thongs will assimilate your cultural and biological 
distinctiveness to her own.

Resistance is FUTILE.

Heh. Rather amusing--in a depressing, loss-of-faith-in-mankind way.

On the flipside of Ms. Troy's borderline squalid pablum we have Ms. 
Formichelli & professor Gish insisting that tangential posts are an affront 
to their oh-so-terribly-busy-schedules. God forbid they should click twice 
to delete all those pesky inconsequential messages! God forbid they should 
take advantage of specific-email blocking features! The world must by no 
measure of means so rudely intrude on their carefully alloted time... Fie, 
foh on those who should suggest otherwise!

I could go on with my little sarcaspiel(tm) but I think I have something 
more productive to do instead... Something like mixing frozen orange juice 
and gasoline to create napalm, for example.

>It's always been a source of amusement to me that so many petty women . . . 
>well, perhaps better left unsaid.

I thought it was males that exhibited a disturbing propensity to engage into 
pissing contests... One more gender barrier torn down by the valiant spirits 
of this list, I suppose.

If I may suggest so, live and let die, folks. If Ms. Troy feels a burning 
need to carry some sort of onus probandi that she's much more than a geek 
with nothing better to do than spend time reading what people speculate on 
the topic of some dead poet, why impinge on her God-given right to do so? 
Why not ignore her--or, even better, have a quiet chuckle and move on to 
greener pastures?

speaking of greener pastures... my napalm is awaiting.

please excuse me for the time being,

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