Oh geez...I have no way to remember which Rick's comments I really liked and 
who I didn't (I think I liked you both), I'm just going to go from here and 
remember you guys by your last names.  And I'll probably never remember all 
the Toms.

>I disagree entirely with the premise of your course.  Almost all that is
>folk culture is intended, albiet perhaps unknowingly, to propagate a mind 

I could not agree with you more completely.  The course did not intend that 
(I was unclear, sorry I just started with this whole intellignet 
conversation thing.  I've been stuck in a crappy high school for what feels 
like forever).  What the course said is that in folk culture, the audience 
is already familiar with that mindset and the mindset is assauged (Which, 
personally, I believe is also true of popular culture but I'm just giving 
the course description.  I'm a student, they're professors).  In their 
definition, so-called "elite" culture tries to mold the audience mindset.  
While they are drama (a so-called "elite" art), I do not find Rodgers and 
Hammerstein's musicals to be molding any of my mindsets (or, more correctly, 
the mindset of the cultural norm), and thus I do not consider them elite 

>Exile is quick and in true folk cultures usually a sentence to
>lingering,  lonely death.

-chuckles- Again, I couldn't agree with you more.  I am an exile of American 
folk culture and I have been snetenced to a lingering, lonely death.  This 
is one of the things that attracted me to TSE's poetry.

>I think you got a heavy dose of folk is great, peaceful and harmonious with
>"nature's plan"  while elite is coercive, usually of the male dominated
>western heritage and therefore not so great.

Not at all.  Again, I was unclear.  This is what seems most likely (and what 
I thought the course would be about), but the teacher was good and we did 
not have your basic media literacy course (well I didn't but the other 
students might have).

As surprising as it might be (since everyone else my age is), I am not a 
stooge of popular culture.  However, they are trying to make me one through 
alienation, and, sadly, they are starting to be successful.

Thomas S. (I call it!)

Evanescence...what a sad word
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