Dear Listmembers,

Could anyone be so kind a s to provide me with the detailed nformation on 
T.S.Eliot International Society, if anything of this kind really does exist? 
I would highly appreciate any information on the subject, and their URL 
address would be exceptionally helpful.

I've been watching the discussion on the List for over a couple of years 
without direct interference on my side, and I would like to say that the 
exceptional competence of the ladies and gentlemen of the List(not the 
Jury:)) is really amazing, not just helpful for those who study literary 
modernism in general and poetry in particular.

To strike up sort of a new conversation, I am currently at work on the
comparison of Nabokov's *Lolita* to TSE' poetry and his aesthetics and find 
these two writers very closely related in their techniques, icluding the use 
of allusions, parody, myth, and the intellectual framework of their writings 
on the whole. Can Nabokov, in part, be recognized as TSE's intellectual 
disciple? In *Lolita* He often uses Eliot's parody, and how can the parody 
of the parodist TSE be righly conceived?

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