> Oh, Jon.  How you disappoint me though you pledge solidarity.

Don't worry, Marcia, I've made a lifetime's study out of disappointing
people, and it's probably too late for me to change now! :O)

>  He sings wonderfully.

Ah, I never said *I* didn't like it!  There's a rough-hewn, craggy grandeur
to his voice that's quite compelling, I think.

  If you want sweet and pure listen to "Copper Kettle" on
> _Self-Portrait_ among so many others, though he has so many voices.

I think his range is extraordinary.  The old-bluesman of 'Blind Willie
McTell' sends shivers down my spine, and the sheer, naked hurt of the
original 'Idiot Wind' makes me feel almost voyeuristic.  It feels like such
an intrusion into personal pain... I can quite understand why he re-wrote it
completely, and didn't let the original version surface officially for
another 15 years...

> Do you remember (in _Don't look back" I think) him talking about his
ability to sing like Caruso?  Very funny.

Well, you can't accuse him of lacking ambition!  :O)  One of the lighter
moments in what was an intense, and often quite disturbing documentary.
Poor old Joanie.

> I've forgotten.  Is it a good thing to be trusted?

I'm inclined to think one seeks that status a lot more before one is 30, and
still has the confidence of youth... rather like Eliot saying (here comes
another one of my awful, half-and-badly-remembered paraphrases, I'm afraid)
that he'd spent the early part of his career desperately trying to appear
erudite and knowledgeable, and the rest of his career desperately trying to
get away from that impression...